A Brief Historical overview :

       PANCHYAJANYA was registered in 2004

       From the very beginning PANCHYAJANYA is serving the society through its different social welfare programs like health &Sanitation Program, education program, blood donation camps, trees plantation, women & child care program etc.

      The organization has started its women empowerment program through micro-credit in the year 2009.

           In the year 2013 we started a new Social Security program with association of LIC of India and  Health a& Sanitation program towards “Nirmal Bharat Avhiyan” .

        PANCHYAJANYA is  member of Different micro-finance credit bureau such as  EQUIFAX. 


Executive Summary:


PANCHYAJANYA is establishing itself as one of the Organization in the field of Micro-credit in West Bengal, the strength being:

·       Strong Management, Committee members, pioneers in the field of Micro-credit with over One decades of Micro-finance experience. 

·        Geographically spread-out operations in three districts.

·        Professional Management team with very strong skills and experience in the areas of Finance, Human Resources and Micro-credit.

·        Low cost and sustainable methodology, very relevant in the present economical situation.

·        Wide outreach, an existing and target client population in some of the poorest areas of west Bengal.

·        Infrastructure already existing to tap huge potential demand, thereby offering scope for sustained growth.




Chairman & CEO






Marketing Head


Relationship Manager

Our Objective:

It is the principal objective of the organization to reach people from where they can function on their own without further help from other. In the given objective we have simply understood our responsibility to be :
A) To arrest the cause the poverty.
B) To irradiate the evils of illiteracy.
C) To improve the low status of women.
D) To help sustain community of reduce health hazards.
E) To make sure that govt. mechanism of the area works better.

F) To facilitate the people to earn a better income.

Our Vision:
  • The vision of the organization is to create a poverty free society in the coming year to come through whom the organization will come in contact during course of our service.
  • • Community goal is to strengthen underprivileged section especially women and children.
  • • People should easily access the basic needs of life.
  • • Every individual should become economically self sufficient to be able to add value for development of the nation.
Our Mission:
  • • Socio economic empowerment of marginalized women for attaining healthy and sustainable development of the society.
  • • Creating an environment for the women to live with dignity and equal partnership in the development.
  • • To reduce poverty and improve the life of the economically challenged people of the society .

Our Activities :

    Our activities aim at integrated rural development which will improve the livings as well as moral

 standards of the local inhabitants. Our activities include comprehensive multi dimensional projects such as :

  •     Education Program. 
  •        Village Health & Sanitation Program.
  •    Community Organization / Development.
  •    Cultural Program.
  •  Games & Sports.
  •    Youth welfare Program.
  •  Awareness Program.
  •   Women Empowerment through SHG. 

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