Our Card

A universal card personalized for your needs with these power packed features.

Digital account

Want a debit card without the hassle of opening a bank account? Try the Obopay Digital Account! You don’t need a bank account or worry about maintaining a minimum account balance.

Multi-Wallet Facility

One solution for multiple allowance disbursements. Permits employees to self-load their card according to their expenses.

Mastercard Benefits

Our cards can be used at more than 3 million Master card outlets across India and you also get to enjoy all Mastercard domestic Benefits.

obopay card

No Additional Cost

Make secure online and POS payments with ease without incurring any additional charges.

Easy Add-on cards

Avail add-on cards for your loved ones. Experience the joy of sharing with quick and easy card to card funds transfer.

ATM withdrawal

cards powered by Federal Bank can be swiped at any ATM, making cash withdrawal faster and easy.